CAMM partners visit campus

By Rachel Coker On Jan 19, 2006

...said. “The companies are coming together to do this fundamental research that will benefit all of them.” CAMM Technical Director Mark Poliks, a research associate professor of chemistry, agreed. “Electronics...… Read more

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Flexible Electronics Symposium

By Research Advancement On Aug 20, 2010

...joined by CAMM Director Peter Borgesen, far left, and CAMM Technical Director Mark Poliks. This high vacuum deposition tool made by CHA Industries was provided to the FlexTech Alliance with...… Read more


Center elevates electronics

By Rachel Coker On Jul 31, 2013

...catheter system, and Sammakia envisions the center playing a role in future healthcare research. “S3IP’s role in healthcare research will be tied to electronics,” he says. Mark Poliks, CAMM technical...… Read more


Funding boosts flexible electronics research

By Research Advancement On Sep 1, 2015

...that monitor human performance,” said Mark Poliks, professor of systems science and industrial engineering and director of the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM). Other FHE applications include: health monitoring...… Read more


Schizophrenia expert’s book honors mentor

By Ingrid Husisian On Jan 23, 2003

...Thanks to the advances in research methods that began with Maher’s classic vision, perhaps the cure is closer than we think. Mark F. Lenzenweger left Harvard University for Harpur College...… Read more


New book charts course for schizophrenia research

By Ryan Yarosh On Aug 3, 2010

...some do and some don’t. Mark F. Lenzenweger, a distinguished professor of clinical science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology at Binghamton University, says he has a good response to this troubling...… Read more


Taking aim at tumors

By Merrill Douglas On Mar 15, 2011

...Bane and Gal are studying the removal and reattachment of tyrosine in live cells. Bane has developed a way to mark tubulin with a fluorescent molecule, allowing the researchers to...… Read more