Study may boost data center efficiency

By Kenny Berkowitz On Apr 6, 2015

...for this research,” says IBM Senior Engineer Ken Schneebeli, who served as a mentor on the poster, along with ES2 director Bahgat Sammakia; Future Facilities’ Mark Seymour; IBM’s Roger Schmidt;...… Read more


Adult-child interaction boosts mental health

By Gail Glover On Nov 22, 2010, Mark F. Lenzenweger, a distinguished professor of clinical science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology at Binghamton University. “With it, a child develops his or her affiliation system – their connection...… Read more


Binghamton faculty have been making national and international news

By Research Advancement On Feb 14, 2002

...Imaging Law Weekly and Biotech Business Week. Mark Lenzenweger, professor of psychology, and colleagues also published their studies on eye movement and schizotypy in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology....… Read more


Lenzenweger study: Personality disorders may change

By Research Advancement On Dec 15, 2004

...Personality disorder symptoms are supposed to be stable, enduring and persistent across the life span. However, the work of Mark Lenzenweger, Binghamton University professor of psychology, as well as...… Read more

Research In The News

The Evolution of Binghamton, Block by Block

By Research Advancement On Sep 1, 2011

...Mark Oppenheimer reviews David Sloan Wilson’s new book in the New York Times....… Read more


Unravelling the risk for schizophrenia

By Rachel Coker On Feb 21, 2007

...In a study published in this month’s Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Mark F. Lenzenweger, a professor of clinical science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology at Binghamton University, State University of...… Read more


A picture perfect test of well-being: Graphic assessment tool tunes into life satisfaction

By Susan Barker On Sep 12, 2003

...between the oppositional images are seven unnumbered and conjoined boxes that comprise a scale along which participants are asked to mark the place on the scale that best describes how...… Read more