Breakthrough may have implications for superconductors

By Rachel Coker On Jul 21, 2011

...collaborated on this paper with researchers at Cornell University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Harvard University and institutions in the Netherlands, Japan and the United Kingdom. To read the paper, visit… Read more


Sonnenfeld honored for distinguished service

By Katie Ellis On Dec 15, 2004

...two U.S. patents and one from Canada, and is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Association of Immunologists, the American Society for Microbiology, the American Society for...… Read more


Computer scientists empower citizen scientists

By Karen Hoffmann On Mar 24, 2010

...the lake and the level of the lake water. Today, the organization uses science to better advocate for the environmental vitality of the lake and its watershed. To that end,...… Read more


Researchers explore altruism’s unexpected ally — selfishness

By Rachel Coker On May 5, 2008

...PNAS ( They point out that selfish individuals have their own incentive to get rid of other selfish individuals within their own group. Eldakar and Wilson consider a behavioral strategy...… Read more


Symposium explores research funding

By Katie Ellis On Mar 26, 2003

...the priorities of our investors. “These research initiatives are already leading to significant advances in disease control and transplant diagnostics, early intervention in such disease processes as diabetes, cancer and...… Read more


Researcher explores physiological links to schizophrenia

By Christopher Allbritton On Dec 1, 2016

...Morra, which Strauss supervised, found that medical conditions such as diabetes, a high waist-to-hip ratio and especially high blood pressure were “particularly associated with a range of cognitive deficits” that...… Read more


The heart of the matter

By Merrill Douglas On Jan 16, 2012

...researchers will share it with hospitals, community health agencies and other healthcare organizations. Besides offering the PowerPoint slides for classroom use, they might someday use communication technologies to give the...… Read more