Professor’s blog helps crossword fans fill in the blanks

By Rachel Coker On Apr 8, 2012

...and Twitter account, where Sharp riffs on matters only tangentially related to crosswords and his other passion, pulp fiction. “I prefer the Facebook page as a place to hang out...… Read more


Professor’s technology outsmarts Google

By Rachel Coker On Mar 25, 2009

...crawlers follow links to reach pages and often miss content that isn’t linked to any other page or is in some way “hidden.” Meng, along with colleagues at the University...… Read more


$1.4M grant boosts interdisciplinary research

By Gail Glover On May 24, 2010

...fundamental understanding of biology. The institute also aims to transform science education into a creative, interdisciplinary endeavor that reflects the excitement of real research. For more information, visit www.hhmi.org....… Read more


Breakthrough may have implications for superconductors

By Rachel Coker On Jul 21, 2011

...on this paper with researchers at Cornell University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Harvard University and institutions in the Netherlands, Japan and the United Kingdom. To read the paper, visit http://www.sciencemag.org/content/333/6041/426.full....… Read more


Sonnenfeld honored for distinguished service

By Katie Ellis On Dec 15, 2004

...original articles. The society also provides teacher aids covering topics of interest to space biologists available at http://www.asgsb.org. Before his appointment last summer as vice president for research, Sonnenfeld was...… Read more


Researchers explore altruism’s unexpected ally — selfishness

By Rachel Coker On May 5, 2008

Just as religions dwell upon the eternal battle between good and evil, angels and devils, evolutionary theorists dwell upon the eternal battle between altruistic and selfish behaviors in the Darwinian struggle for… Read more


Dublin’s book tapped for electronic rebirth as part of landmark project

By Research Advancement On Jun 13, 2003

...and the Center for the Teaching of American History, said he in honored that his book was selected for inclusion. More information about the project is available at http://www.historyebook.org/intro.html....… Read more