Center for Protein Dynamics gets $200k federal boost

By Research Advancement On Mar 26, 2003

...program to establish our Innovative Technologies Complex and support our Center for Protein Dynamics, helping our researchers make significant advances in disease diagnostics, early interventions for such diseases as diabetes,...… Read more


Book highlights contributions of music editor

By Barb Van Atta On Mar 25, 2014 Harvard University. He expanded the work into John Kirkpatrick, American Music, and the Printed Page, published in 2013 by University of Rochester Press. The book combines biography with analysis...… Read more


An image of success: BU computer scientist takes aim at improved indexing and understanding digital information

By Susan Barker On Jun 1, 2003

...manipulate and understand complex video or images is pressing. Verbal cues–whether keywords or multiple page abstracts–are just not cut out for the job and neither coercion nor clichés can change...… Read more


Fluid ‘time capsules’ in salt shake up traditional views on seawater chemistry

By Susan Barker On Dec 7, 2001

...taking notice of his work, one thing seems certain: Lowenstein’s research will never again be taken with a grain of salt. Related Links Geotimes Science Tim Lowenstein’s Home Page...… Read more


Faculty author updates classic novel

By Rachel Coker On Jan 3, 2017 Rosenberg does tweak the storyline to make Libby’s situation more difficult and to create a compelling reason that she stays in a miserable marriage for as long as she...… Read more


Book stirs debate on French history

By Rachel Coker On Sep 5, 2006

...been catalogued. The files were gathering dust among documents related to the Napoleonic era. “They’d been stashed for 200 years,” Brown said. The files contained four- to six-page summaries and...… Read more


Justice for all: Understanding human rights

By Kathleen Ryan O'Connor On May 9, 2011

...third won a Pulitzer Prize for his page-turning look at Japan’s World War II Emperor Hirohito, exploring in new ways the ethical dimensions of his reign. Binghamton professors David Cingranelli,...… Read more