Professor’s blog helps crossword fans fill in the blanks

By Rachel Coker On Apr 8, 2012

...Ruth Reichl. Will Shortz, crossword puzzle editor of The New York Times, reads the blog and occasionally leaves a comment. The blog has been joined by a Facebook page and...… Read more


Faculty innovations spotlighted at national convention

By Research Advancement On May 5, 2006

...help develop or commercialize drugs, therapies and devices for some of the world’s most devastating diseases, including cancer, diabetes and genetic disorders. Thanks to their collaborative efforts, they achieved the:...… Read more


Next-generation science: BU protein dynamics initiative flagged as state priority

By Susan Barker On Apr 16, 2002

...early interventions in such diseases processes as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s, and more appropriate treatment protocols for many diseases including cystic fybrosis. The Research Foundation’s decision to back the establishment...… Read more


Researcher explores physiological links to schizophrenia

By Christopher Allbritton On Dec 1, 2016

...Morra, which Strauss supervised, found that medical conditions such as diabetes, a high waist-to-hip ratio and especially high blood pressure were “particularly associated with a range of cognitive deficits” that...… Read more


The heart of the matter

By Merrill Douglas On Jan 16, 2012

...obesity, an unhealthy diet, lack of routine physical activity and high blood sugar due to insulin resistance or diabetes. Risk factors that you can’t control include: Age (the risk of...… Read more


Symposium explores research funding

By Katie Ellis On Mar 26, 2003

...the priorities of our investors. “These research initiatives are already leading to significant advances in disease control and transplant diagnostics, early intervention in such disease processes as diabetes, cancer and...… Read more


BU research helps address terrorism

By Susan Barker On Feb 14, 2002

...trauma-related injuries and of a host of such chronic illnesses as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Scholarship and sponsored projects in such other disciplines as leadership studies, political science and the...… Read more