Research Days honor work of students, faculty

By Eric Coker On Apr 23, 2013

...a historical context, other students examined how technology can impact the future. Zachary Birnbaum and Patricia Moat, both first-year doctoral students, conducted a project on computer security. Their faculty mentor...… Read more


Psychology student wins NSF fellowship

By Christopher Allbritton On Jun 20, 2016

...identify different mechanisms that may explain why some adolescents are more reactive to stress than others,” says Feurer, 24, a Binghamton University doctoral student. One test places adolescents who have...… Read more


Student examines campus’ effect on neighborhood

By Jeffrey O. Bagg On Feb 26, 2018

...Binghamton student Joshua Gonzalez wonders: What will happen to Johnson City residents when the University’s pharmacy school building opens next fall? Gonzalez, 22, is part of a team...… Read more


Hiring initiative unveiled

By Research Advancement On Dec 15, 2004

...o create synergistic groups of faculty large enough to gain national and international visibility for their contributions, sustain intellectually rich and challenging doctoral programs and foster development of assistant professors;...… Read more


Student seeks understanding of suicide

By Todd R. McAdam On Nov 14, 2014

...depression and have difficulty regulating emotions. They often have difficulty sleeping. What we don’t know is how all those factors relate, says Aliona Tsypes, a doctoral student in clinical psychology...… Read more


Student aims to cool computer chips

By Rachel Coker On Aug 5, 2013

...Siyi Zhou aspires to improve the way electronics and even spacecraft function with her research. “People’s lives will be changed by engineers,” the Binghamton doctoral student says. “Maybe someday...… Read more


Student’s ‘cool’ calculations boost electronic devices’ performance

By Rachel Coker On Feb 1, 2011

...smaller devices. Chauhan, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering, studied metallurgy as an undergraduate in India. An interest in electronics packaging research brought her to Binghamton. “Most people don’t know...… Read more