Book explores entrepreneurial leadership

By Rachel Coker On Mar 14, 2016

...Entrepreneurship requires you to embrace ambiguity and working in the abstract. You have to love problem solving, too. Not everyone is cut out for startups, he says, but everybody can...… Read more


Express license available to industry partners

By Rachel Coker On Oct 27, 2011

...vice president for entrepreneurship and innovation partnerships. “We listen to industry, in particular through our participation in the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership, and are interested in understanding their needs,” he said....… Read more


Historian focuses on Washington’s early years

By Todd R. McAdam On Oct 15, 2015

...patron/client political world, as well as his involvement in shaping a modern representative democracy. There are opportunities to analyze his efforts at land development, speculation, and entrepreneurship, issues that have...… Read more


Innovation Day delves into Big Data

By Rachel Coker On Apr 28, 2014

...industry and academia, focused on Big Data and how it relates to fields ranging from healthcare to finance. The program, organized by the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships in...… Read more


Sophomore develops virtual “eye” for blind

By Jeffrey O. Bagg On Nov 8, 2017 pursuing entrepreneurship and innovation. “Just creating proof-of-concept for me isn’t satisfying,” Mangal says. “I like seeing a product right in front of me.” Mangal says this passion became clearer...… Read more