Psychologist takes aim at anxiety disorders

By Todd R. McAdam On Jun 8, 2010

...dream for the field. “I don’t want anyone to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, ever again. That’s pretty grandiose.” But Coles, director of the Binghamton Anxiety Clinic and an associate professor of...… Read more


Lenzenweger study: Personality disorders may change

By Research Advancement On Dec 15, 2004

...Personality disorder symptoms are supposed to be stable, enduring and persistent across the life span. However, the work of Mark Lenzenweger, Binghamton University professor of psychology, as well as...… Read more


Adult-child interaction boosts mental health

By Gail Glover On Nov 22, 2010

...Learning a hobby or other complex task in childhood with assistance from a trusted adult may help guard against the emergence of a personality disorder (PD) later on in...… Read more


Book offers resources for PTSD sufferers

By Gail Glover On Sep 20, 2012

...Close to 5.2 million adults experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) every year. And it can affect anyone — from war veterans and abuse victims to people directly or indirectly...… Read more


Student seeks understanding of suicide

By Todd R. McAdam On Nov 14, 2014

...and prevent suicidal behavior. Even absent that, within 10 years, treatment will coalesce around Tsypes’ research, says Brandon Gibb, director of the Mood Disorders Institute at Binghamton University. “We’re really...… Read more


Brain study aims to improve dyslexia treatment

By Rachel Coker On Jul 24, 2013

...methods of treating America’s most common learning disorder. “The brain can reveal things that aren’t necessarily visible on the surface,” she says. “It can tell you things about what’s going...… Read more


Schizophrenia expert’s book honors mentor

By Ingrid Husisian On Jan 23, 2003

...description to an experimental approach. Maher was among the first to move beyond simply describing a disorder and, instead, advocated the use of laboratory experiments to try and understand the...… Read more