Binghamton engineer creates origami battery

By Rachel Coker On Jun 10, 2015

to building batteries, too. Seokheun “Sean” Choi developed an inexpensive, bacteria-powered battery made from paper, he writes in the July edition of the journal Nano Energy. The battery generates power...… Read more


Origami ninja star inspires battery design

By Rachel Coker On Jun 7, 2016

A new disposable battery that folds like an origami ninja star could power biosensors and other small devices for use in challenging field conditions, a Binghamton University engineer says. Seokheun...… Read more

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Origami-inspired battery folds like a ninja star

By Research Advancement On Jun 9, 2016

Batteries are getting better every year at both storing energy and lasting longer, but the resulting chemical compositions make for an awfully expensive power-storing cocktail. Researchers at Binghamton...… Read more

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The foldable, five-cent battery powered by bacteria

By Research Advancement On Jun 17, 2015

A new origami paper battery, which is powered by bacteria and costs five U.S. cents, could revolutionize the diagnosis of diseases in developing and remote areas, Binghamton engineer Sean Choi...… Read more

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Scientists build a battery you can power with your spit

By Research Advancement On Aug 9, 2017

You’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, phone battery dead. Lacking all access to electricity or even solar power, you turn to your last resource — your own spit. That’s...… Read more

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Bio-battery could be powered by your sweaty gym socks

By Research Advancement On Dec 11, 2017

A stretchy, flexible battery developed at Binghamton University could be powered by your sweat, Newsweek reports....… Read more

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Battery pioneer named to hall of fame

By Research Advancement On Apr 28, 2010

Binghamton’s own Stan Whittingham, an inventor of the lithium ion battery, is No. 17 on the Greentech Hall of Fame. Pretty cool to be on a list that includes Archimedes...… Read more