University helps lead way to better lithium batteries

By Eric Coker On Sep 18, 2009

...Whittingham’s experience is unsurpassed on the team, as he is credited with developing the lithium-ion battery while working with Exxon in the 1970s. The lithium-ion battery is now used on...… Read more


Chemist named to national academy

By John Brhel On Feb 9, 2018

...Binghamton researcher M. Stanley Whittingham has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering for pioneering contributions to battery technologies. Whittingham is one of 83 new members and 16...… Read more


Improving cell phones, one drop at a time

By Brett Vermilyea On Jul 25, 2011

...we try to understand the best way to rearrange the chip location, model shape, battery position, battery size,” Park says. The battery alone offers numerous possibilities. “With the same amount...… Read more


Federal grant boosts smart energy research

By Katie Ellis On Jun 19, 2014

...society,” President Harvey Stenger said. “Receipt of this highly competitive grant will enable Stan and his colleagues to continue to push the boundaries of energy storage and battery life, and...… Read more


Chemist contributes to ‘green’ technology

By Krisy Gashler On Oct 31, 2013

...options. Take the lithium ion battery. This workhorse of the tech world powers products ranging from cell phones to electric vehicles. But it has basic limitations: Its capacity decreases so...… Read more


Grad student aims to better understand batteries

By Kenny Berkowitz On Dec 8, 2015

...In theory, you should be able to fully recharge a lithium ion battery as many times as you want. But in reality, there’s less power each time you recharge,...… Read more


Center of Excellence gains new home

By Research Advancement On Oct 23, 2014 harvesting and storage. “We have provided infrastructure that will catalyze the advancements already being made by our researchers in the areas of microelectronics, data center energy optimization, battery storage,...… Read more