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BU’s small scale systems research receives $125,000 NYSTAR award

A $125,000 New York State high technology award is the latest show of support for Binghamton University’s burgeoning small scale systems research initiatives, projects and programs that are likely to transform the profile of the global electronics industry over the next decade.

A Technology Transfer Incentive award made through the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR), the $125,000 award is part of $5.3 million in state support for 13 projects announced by Governor George E. Pataki earlier this week.

Binghamton’s award is to work with Endicott Interconnect Technologies to develop ceramic thin film embedded capacitors for emerging system-in-packaging concepts. As electronic circuit boards become crowded with discrete components, Binghamton researchers working collaboratively with industry engineers will focus on optimizing a technology to embed capacitors in device packaging, replacing the need for surface mounted components. The technology is expected to help make electronics smaller, more functional, more reliable and less costly.

Heading up the ceramic thin fim research at the University is Junghyun Cho, assistant professor of mechanical engineering. “Commercialization of the product will be an ultimate goal of this 2-year prototype product development,” said Cho. “The project is in fact not only consistent with current research initiatives in small scale systems at Binghamton University, but will create a synergistic outcome through the partnership with Endicott Interconnect Technologies. Success of the commercialization will also result in local economic development through sales and job creation in our community.”

Economic development resulting from University research is a theme state officials also emphasized.

“By conducting research that will lead to the development of state-of-the-art technologies, our colleges are helping to attract and create companies. Building on our record of accomplishment in transferring these cutting-edge technologies from an academic setting to the business world, New York will continue to create high-tech companies, jobs and products,” Pataki said.

“This award signifies Binghamton University’s growing role in developing the very latest innovations in thin film technology, and it will further strengthen the university’s ability to foster and create new high technology jobs in the region,” said Russell W. Bessette, M.D., executive director of NYSTAR.

In April, the state also named Binghamton University a Center of Excellence in Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging. The Center of Excellence program was created in 2001 to serve as a bridge between research programs, education institutions and the business community. With the Center of Excellence designation, Binghamton joined five other state-designated centers located in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Canandaigua and on Long Island.

The center already has 16 corporate partners, including Endicott Interconnect Technologies, GE, Kodak, Corning, Philips, Lockheed Martin and IBM Corp.

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