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NSF targets research related to September 11 for quick-start funding

The National Science Foundation is seeking proposals from researchers who are currently conducting or are interested in conducting research in areas with the potential to shed light on the tragic events of September 11.

Due to the exigencies of the situation, the NSF is prepared to fund qualified proposals through its Small Grants for Exploratory Research mechanism, which provides up to $100K for exploratory research and uses an expedited review process.

According to the NSF, SGERs are “proposals for small-scale, exploratory, and high-risk research.” Such research is characterized by the NSF as “preliminary work on untested and novel ideas; ventures into emerging research ideas; research having extreme urgency with regard to availability of or access to data, facilities, or specialized equipment.”

Included in these areas would be “quick-response research on natural disasters and similar unanticipated events; and efforts of similar character that are likely to catalyze rapid and innovative advances.”

Proposals on social movements, religious groups, international relations, group identity, Islamic/Arabic groups in the United States will also be considered. Interested researchers, should contact the University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 777-6136.

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